Welcome to Suburban Wilderness Leather.  SWL is a one man shop out of Apex, North Carolina where small batch leather goods are produced by hand from start to finish. 

My journey started in 2013 from a pair of Clarks desert boots I had for many years. There were too many memories tied to the journey these shoes to just throw them out.  I decided to turn them into a wallet and keep the memories with me.

Life is about the journey and the memories we make along the way serve as reminders of where we have been and where we are headed. I enjoy making items which will go with people for a lifetime and share the journey in their lives as well. 

All leather goods are made by hand, from stitching, to burnishing the edges. 

So most nights, you can find me in the shop, Langhorne Slim playing in the background, and my Lab Stella taking a nap beside the work bench. 

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